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Adding a Replica Server


In most situations, you add a replica server to a realm as follows:

  1. Copy the replica.ccmpkg configuration package file from the primary server to a directory on the host you want to add as a replica server.


    The replica.ccmpkg file contains sensitive information. Do not store it in a publicly accessible location, such as a file server or shared directory.

  2. Install the SBR Carrier server software on the host you want to add as a replica server.

  3. When the configuration script asks what kind of server you are installing, choose Replica and, when prompted, enter the path to the replica.ccmpkg file.

  4. Restart the host you want to add as a replica server.

    The replica server registers itself with the primary server automatically after it is restarted. Thereafter, the replica server automatically connects to the primary server once an hour to check whether an updated configuration package is available.

In some circumstances, however, you may want to add a replica server to the server list on the primary server manually so that it shows up immediately. To add a replica server manually using the Web GUI:

  1. Run the Web GUI for the primary server.
  2. Select RADIUS Configuration > Replication.

    The Server List page (Figure 120) appears.

    Figure 120: Server List Page
    Server List Page
  3. Click Add.

    The Create Server pane (Figure 121) appears.

    Figure 121: Create Server Pane
    Create Server Pane
  4. Enter a name for the RADIUS server in the Name field.

    Although you can assign any name to a RADIUS server, use the device's hostname to avoid confusion.

  5. Enter the replication secret for the RADIUS server in the Secret field.

    For privacy, characters are masked. You can click Show to display the characters in the replication secret. After viewing the characters, you can click Hide to hide the characters.

  6. Enter the port number to be used for replication communication in the Port field.

    The default port number is 1812.

  7. Click Add under the Address area.

    The Add Address dialog box (Figure 122) appears.

    Figure 122: Add Address Dialog
    Add Address Dialog
  8. Enter an IP address you want to associate with the server in the Address field.
  9. Click OK.

    The Address area in the Create Server pane (Figure 121) displays an updated list of IP addresses.

    You can modify the entered IP address by using the Edit and Delete buttons.

  10. Repeat steps 7 through 9 to add more IP addresses for the server.
  11. Click Save to save the server configuration.

    The Server List page (Figure 120) displays an updated list of server entries.