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Known Problems and Limitations


This section lists known problems and limitations identified in SBR Carrier 8.6.0. For the most complete and latest information about known defects, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.

LDAP Authentication

  • Transaction rate of LDAP plug-in is reduced due to changes in the OpenLDAP versions included in RHEL and Solaris. For a workaround, see the PR record. PR1445212


  • The User Concurrency table does not display proxy realm names. PR857901

  • In the rfc4679.dct file, the names of the Agent-Circuit-Id and Agent-Remote-Id attributes are not defined as mentioned by RFC 4679. Instead, the names are respectively mentioned as DSL-Agent-Circuit-Id and DSL-Agent-Remote-Id.

  • When the Framed-IPv6-Address attribute is configured in both the user and profile return lists, the IPv6 addresses in both the return lists are returned if the FramedIPv6AddressHint parameter is set to no. For a workaround, see the PR record. PR1303671

SIM Authentication

  • The authGateway and GWrelay processes must be restarted whenever SBR restarts. This is applicable only on a Linux platform. PR1011144


  • Transaction IDs are not logged for accounting packets when a Class attribute is not present in the packet. PR917748

  • The attributes related to Diffie-Hellman parameters are incorrectly logged in the RADIUS log file. PR1443456

  • Detailed EAP logging supports decoding only for TLS protocol version 1.0, and not for versions 1.1 or 1.2. PR1219412


  • When the Geo-redundancy server or client database becomes full, the client still sends the replication request packets to the server. PR1434144

3GPP AAA Module

  • The 3GPP AAA module does not initiate subscriber de-registration in the HSS. Subscriber de-registration is performed when SBR Carrier receives an HSS Registration-Termination-Request.

  • The Diameter redirection indication is supported only over the SWx reference point. The redirection indication information in an AA-Answer message, received by a proxy server from SBR Carrier over the SWd reference point, is returned to the client without attempting to forward the request to the Redirect-Host. That is, only routing rules configured by a system administrator are enforced.

  • The Redirect-Host-Usage value included in a Multimedia-Authentication-Answer message and received over the SWx reference points is ignored. The value is assumed to be DONT_CACHE.

  • In the Web GUI, the Permanent Failures, Transient Failures, and Protocol Errors statistics are updated based on Result-Code attribute values (not based on Diameter Experimental-Result-Code attribute values).

  • SBR Carrier supports configuring only a single interface (IP address) to use for a Diameter connection over TCP, and does not support multiple interfaces. PR1429763