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PRs fixed in patch R5

  • SBR auth reject report logs error code AUTH_ERR_004 instead of error code AUTH_ERR_048 when configured max-concurrent value is exceeded. PR1474738

  • SBR logs error code "AUTH_ERR_004" instead of error code "AUTH_ERR_048" for EAP NAK received. PR1475213

  • SBR logs AUTH_ERR_004","Unable to find user with matching password" instead of "AUTH_ERR_048","Unavailable" when DHCP pool IP-Addresses are unavailable. PR1475534

  • MySQL Password Stored in Global Configuration File. -- [** Fix is available in full build only. Please refer the NOTES SECTION(9) for more information **] PR1263109

  • To extend the trusted root certificate expiration time. -- [** Please refer the NOTES SECTION(10) for more information **] PR1468555

  • Wrong UDP port number is logged in authentication/accounting response from SBR. PR1457895

  • SBR with Net SNMP 5.8 generates "Cannot find module" logs in snmpd logfile. -- [** Fix is available in full build only **] PR1475784