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PRs fixed in patch R15

  • User-names with non-printable characters appended are accepted by SQL Auth. PR1481161

  • Native user with single quotes is not getting deleted in SBR GUI. [** Fix is available in full build only.**] PR1527957

  • Description of proxy realms is incomplete. [** Fix is available in full build only. Please refer the NOTES Section of SBR 8.6.0 R15 (36) for more information **] PR1499704

  • SBR Carrier Core dumps when enhanced EAP logging is enabled. PR1599169

  • “Current Sessions Count" showing strange values after applying SBR 8.6.0 R14 patch . [** Impacted for SBR 8.6.0 R14 patch applied variants on RHEL 7 only. The fix is NOT applicable for SBR 8.6.0 R14 Full build installed on RHEL8.1.**] PR1603537

  • Session Control script client connection to SBR results in TLS Handshake failure. -- [** Fix is available in full build only.**] PR1602482

  • Support of 5G AVP's Core-Network-Restrictions (1704),UE-Usage-Type (1680) and Interworking-5GS-Indicator (1706) in SWm interface. – [ ** Fix is available in full build only.Please refer the NOTES Section (37) for more information **] PR1608897

  • radiusd watchdog fails to properly start on RHEL 7 and 8. -- [** Fix is available in full build only.**] PR1612225

  • radius process frequently disconnects from data nodes when Geo-redundancy is enabled. PR1615299

  • GeoRedundency Replicated Session Doesn't get Deleted via GUI and CLI. -- [** Fix is available in full build only.**] PR1583511

  • SBR Geo Redundancy Replication Messages are not being Parsed Properly On Solaris Platform. PR1585124