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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in Steel-Belted Radius Carrier 8.6.0. For the most complete and latest information about resolved issues, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.

  • RADIUS process leaks memory when Geo-redundancy replicates sessions under load. PR1370939

  • SSR cluster management daemon fails to write to log when auto-restart module (watchdog) is enabled. PR1367322

  • On a Linux platform, WiMAX HA authentication gets rejected as IP addresses set to the WiMAX-hHA-IP-MIP4 attribute are populated in a reverse order. PR1388743

  • Web GUI does not display an expiration date for certificates with the expiration year greater than or equal to 2038. PR1360860

  • RADIUS process memory grows on both client and server when Geo-redundancy is replicating sessions. PR1403677

  • SBR Carrier exited due to unexpected condition. PR1383704

  • SBR Carrier does not start or restart if the watchdog is enabled when SBR Carrier is restarted manually. PR1394984

  • SBR Carrier processes EAP-TTLS inner authentication requests with User-Name length of 254 characters. PR1373785

  • Reject logging is required for EAP challenge timeout and EAP response timeout for EAP-TLS and EAP-TTLS authentication. PR1410940

  • Under high load, Geo-redundancy performance needs to be improved. PR1406709

  • The Javascript method AttributeFilter.Get() returns non-numeric values for counters. PR1399159

  • Value mapping of long attributes could be incorrect. PR1417704

  • During initial configuration, SBR Carrier sets the MALLOC_ARENA_MAX value. This is unnecessary and could adversely affect performance. PR1446155

  • A core occurred in the internal configuration database. PR1430833

  • Enhanced performance counters initialize peak-rate counter to total-requests counter's value when a HUP signal is sent. PR1052592

  • Web GUI allows users to configure Echo feature for Multi-Valued-Pair attributes though the Multi-Valued-Pair attribute has no support for Echo feature. PR1306874

  • Memory leak issues exist when the Geo-redundancy feature is enabled. PR1377772