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SBR 8.6.0R15 Release—Features and Limitations


36. The StaticTarget parameter is introduced to *.pro files as part of fix for PR 1499704.

StaticTarget configures SBR to not revert to a previously down target when it comes back up.

"0", (default) SBR reverts to previously down target when it comes back up.

“1”, SBR will not revert to the previously down target even after it comes back up.

37. Starting from SBR 8.6.0 R15 release onwards, the support for following Diameter SWm interface attributes is provided on RHEL7.x and RHEL 8.1 SBR variants.

Core-Network-Restrictions (1704)

UE-Usage-Type (1680)

Interworking-5GS-Indicator (1706)

38. The following third-party package upgrades have been made in the SBR 8.6.0R15 full build versions of SBR .

SBR:8.6.0 R15 supported Linux and SunOS:

  • OpenSSL has been upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1k for Linux and SunOS.

  • Jetty has been upgraded to 9.4.43.

  • OpenLDAP has been upgraded from 2.4.50 to 2.4.58 version.

39. Special Notes for RHEL 8.1 1024-bit RSA certificates:

Due to security considerations of RHEL 8.1 version OS, starting from SBR:8.6.0 R15 version lesser than 2047-bit RSA certificates are NOT supported. 1024-bit RSA certificates are considered too weak by RHEL 8 cryptographic policies.

According to RHEL 8 release notes, the default system-wide cryptographic policy accepts RSA keys and Diffie-Hellman parameters if larger than 2047 bits.

40. Special Notes for upgrade using SBR 8.6.0 R15 on RHEL 8.1 and Solaris

In SBR 8.6.0 R15 RHEL 8.1 and Solaris variants the size of "Name" column which represents the Pool Name present in the table "Sbr_IpPools" is modified from 24 varchar to 84 varchar.

To accommodate and synchronize this change between the existing and planned upgrade SBR version (SBR 8.6.0 R15 on RHEL 8.1), the following command MUST be executed only once on the first upgrade planned cluster node.

$ su - hadm

perl ./ 8.6 ColumnUpdate:Name

This command should be executed from "hadm" mode after successful installation and configuration of the Node. Refer the installation guide for detailed procedure for the Rolling-Restart Upgrade.