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Release Highlights


Highlights include the following product enhancements:


SBR Carrier 8.4.1 was the final version to support 32-bit builds. See for the EOE and EOL dates of SBR Carrier 8.4.1.

Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Versions

The SBR Carrier server has been qualified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6, 7.5, 7.4, and 7.3 on Intel (Xeon) hardware.


SBR Carrier 8.6.0 does not support RHEL 6.x, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2.

Support for Solaris 11.3

SBR Carrier supports Oracle Solaris or later version.


SBR Carrier has been qualified with Solaris

SBR Carrier 8.6.0 does not support the Signalware communication stack on Solaris.

MySQL and NDB Upgrade

MySQL has been upgraded to 5.7.25, and NDB has been upgraded to 7.6.9.


The IndexMemory parameter in config.ini file has been deprecated. So, the IndexMemory value should now be included in the DataMemory value.

Security Updates

The following third-party libraries have been updated to address security vulnerabilities.


OpenSSL has been upgraded from 1.0.2o to 1.1.1b.


SBR Carrier 8.6.0 does not provide support for TLSv1.3.

SBR Carrier 8.6.0 does not support weak cipher suites: 0x0004, 0x0005, 0x0007, 0x000A, 0x002F, 0x0033, 0x0035, 0x0038, and 0x0039. For the list of tested cipher suites and their TLS protocol versions, see SBR Carrier Administration and Configuration Guide.

Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle has been upgraded from 1.45 to 1.60.


Jetty has been upgraded from 9.2.3 to 9.4.14.


Hard-coded passwords for the Web GUI and COA/DM certificates have been removed and made as random passwords.