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Starting from SBR 8.6.0R4 Release, the following features are supported



  1. A new configuration parameter has been introduced as part of fix for PR 1465028 in radius.ini for cases where bothFramed-Interface-Id and Framed-IP-Address attributes are present in an accounting request. Setting ExcludeFramedInterfaceId=1 in radius.ini will prevent SBR from recording the Framed-Interface-Id value to the Ipv4Address CST field. By default the parameter ExcludeFramedInterfaceId = 0 is disabled. A new setting will be created in a future patch to store Framed-Interface-Id separately.
  2. The following error code and reject reason will be logged in “rejects_YYYYMMDD.csv” under radius_installed/authreports directory for invalid username and no username scenario in proxy directed realm case, instead of printing Tunneled authentication reject for TTLS.

    1. Invalid Username—"AUTH_ERR_004" and "Unable to find user with matching password".
    2. No Username—"AUTH_ERR_019" and "Missing User Name attribute in request".

    Known Issues

    The following are known issues related to retaining the backward compatibility, which is planned to be fixed in the future patch releases.

    1. PR 1474738-1: SBR auth reject report logs error code AUTH_ERR_004 instead of error code AUTH_ERR_048 when configured max-concurrent value is exceeded.
    2. PR 1475213-1: SBR logs error code "AUTH_ERR_004" instead of error code "AUTH_ERR_048" for EAP NAK received.
    3. PR 1475534-1: SBR logs AUTH_ERR_004", "Unable to find user with matching password" instead of "AUTH_ERR_048","Unavailable" when DHCP pool IP-Addresses are unavailable.
  3. SBR is supported on the Linux RHEL 7.7 variant.