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SQL Accessors


You can use an external SQL database to authorize subscribers. The sqlaccessor.gen file stores the settings needed by the SQLAccessor plug-in to authorize subscribers. SQLAccessor requires three items of information from the database:

  • IMSI


  • Authorization String

This section describes the configuration choices that you need to make to configure sqlaccessor.gen or sqlaccessor_jdbc.gen.

The sqlaccessor.gen file stores the settings used by the SQL data accessor plug-in. It is composed of several sections. Section names are enclosed in square brackets.


For information about the configuration items that are common across all SQL plug-ins, see Common Configuration Items.


The databases used must support stored procedures.


Oracle front-end applications are not supported on a Linux platform. The and sqlaccessor.gen files are specific to Oracle plug-ins and must not be installed on a Linux platform. You must instead use the sqlaccessor_jdbc.gen file.

[Settings] Section

[Settings] Section

The [Settings] section of the sqlaccessor.gen file defines parameters that control the database connection.

Table 154: [Settings] Section




Identifies the name under which the data accessor registers itself with Steel-Belted Radius Carrier.

Default value is SQL Accessor.


(JDBC only) Specifies the third-party JDBC driver to load for authentication.

For example: Driver=com/mysql/jdbc/Driver

Note: Third-party JDBC drivers must be installed in the <JRE-path>/lib/ext directory. Where, <JRE-path> indicates the path where the JRE (that is integrated with SBR Carrier) is installed in your system. Refer to the JDBC driver documentation for information about how to install the JDBC driver and supporting files.


Specifies the character used to separate fields (DSN, UID, PWD) in the connect string.

Default value is ; (semicolon). If the connect string requires use of semicolons as part of a field value, you can use this parameter to specify a different delimiter, such as ^ (caret).

[Results] Section

[Results] Section

The [Results] section maps the position of a column name in the SELECT SQL statement with the data needed.

[Failure] Section

[Failure] Section

The [Failure] section of the sqlaccessor.gen file can be used to determine the result of the authentication process (accept or reject) when connectivity to all of the configured SQL databases has failed.

Table 155: [Failure] Section




  • If set to 1, Steel-Belted Radius Carrier returns an Access-Accept packet with the Profile and any combination of the FullName and Alias attributes specified in the corresponding [Failure] section parameters.

  • If set to 0, the user is rejected.


Specifies the name of a Steel-Belted Radius Carrier profile whose check list and return list attributes are applied to the user's connection.


By indicating a FullName, Steel-Belted Radius Carrier returns a value in the class attribute, allowing for all [Failure] connections to be accounted.

Example: SQL Accessor Configuration File

Example: SQL Accessor Configuration File

This section provides an example of an Oracle sqlaccessor.gen configuration file.