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List of Figures


Figure 1: Sample Services File

Figure 2: Sample Dictionary (.dct) File

Figure 3: Example of a Structured Attribute Dictionary File

Figure 4: 3GPP2 Data Definition of the Service-Option-Profile Attribute

Figure 5: XML Dictionary Definition

Figure 6: 3GPP2 Data Structure

Figure 7: Log of 3GPP2-Service-Option-Profile Attribute

Figure 8: Sample *.rr file (acme.rr)

Figure 9: Addition of NAS Location to Access-Request

Figure 10: [Settings], [NAS-LIST], and [NAS identifier] Sections of the locspec.ctrl File

Figure 11: Example Configuration for Adding Location Information to an Access-Request

Figure 12: Relationship Between Sections in sqlaccessor.gen File

Figure 13: CDR Accounting

Figure 14: Format Types for ASN.1 CDRs (extension cdr2a)

Figure 15: Relationship Between Sections in gsmmap.gen File

Figure 16: SNMP Architecture

Figure 17: SNMP Messages

Figure 18: Wi-Fi Infrastructure Topology

Figure 19: IP Address Assignment Based on Access Point Name

Figure 20: Configuration of IP Address Assignment Based on Access Point

Figure 21: Example Data Flow for Addition of Attribute to Access-Accept

Figure 22: Example Configuration for Adding Attributes to an Access-Accept

Figure 23: Communication Between Kineto INC and Steel-Belted Radius Carrier

Figure 24: Format of Kineto-UMA-Location-Area-Identification Attribute

Figure 25: RADIUS Clients List Page

Figure 26: Create RADIUS Client Pane—Basic Configuration

Figure 27: Selection of Kineto S1 from Make or Model List

Figure 28: RADIUS Clients List page with Kineto Entry

Figure 29: Authentication Methods Page