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Hardware Used


The results shown throughout this chapter were tested on the following hardware:

  • Two M3000 front-end applications with CPU 2.75 GHz, 16 G, running SBRC Release 7.4.0.

  • Two or four M3000 back ends with CPU 2.52 GHz, 16 G, with half of the virtual CPUs disabled (unless otherwise specified) through psradm, running MySQL ndbmtd

  • M4000 Cluster, M9000 Standalone, and T3 standalone.

The focus primarily is on M3000 servers, as they are the recommended platform to run all the requisite tests.

The test clients used were executed with custom developed software, LoadTest, running between one and four VMs, executing on a 3.33 GHz XEON with 24 G.


LogLevel and TraceLevel are set to zero and the local accounting is disabled unless otherwise specified.