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Uninstalling Signalware 9


To uninstall Signalware 9:

  1. Start the Signalware uninstallation.

    Execute cd /opt/swinstall/bin.

  2. Execute ./swremovesignalware.


    Executing the ./swremovesignalware command removes all the installed instances completely. Make sure to make a backup copy of the existing configurations before executing this command.

  3. Enter y to uninstall the Signalware.

  4. Press Enter and then enter y to save the Signalware license.

    The Signalware instances are deleted.

To uninstall the required software packages:

  1. From the Main Menu, enter 1 to select Signalware.

    The Product Menu is displayed.

  2. Enter 1 to select Signalware ... Develop/Deploy SS7 Services.

    The Signalware Main Menu is displayed.

  3. Enter 1 to select Install/Configure.

    The Install/Configure menu is displayed.

  4. Enter 4 to select Replace Signalware (replace an existing installation with a new GA).

  5. Press Enter to accept the default value.

    The Uninstall Menu is displayed.

  6. Enter 3 -override to select Delete old instance. The software packages are deleted.