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Cluster Installation Overview


Setting up the four nodes in a Session State Register Starter Kit is straightforward if you have performed the preparatory and planning steps and set up each server in order.


Starting from SBR Release 7.6.0, an upgrade license is available to enable users who have purchased the Restricted Cluster Session license to upgrade to a Regular Cluster license. The Restricted Cluster license imposes a limit on the maximum number of concurrent sessions and does not allow addition of expansion kit license.

The workflow from this point includes these steps:

  1. Unpack the SSR cluster software package on each node.

  2. On the server you want to host the primary SBR Carrier and management nodes:

    1. Run the configure script to specify the cluster topology and generate a set of baseline configuration files.

    2. Run the configure script a second time to complete the software installation using the newly generated set of baseline configuration files.

  3. On each of the other servers you want to host nodes:

    1. Copy the baseline configuration files from the first server.

    2. Run the installation script to load the software as specified in the configuration files

  4. Start the cluster nodes in the correct order and monitor startup.

  5. Set up the basic cluster configuration.