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Migration Overview


You can use the configuration script to move a number of files from selected previous releases from the old platform into the new Release environment when installing Steel-Belted Radius Carrier. The corresponding Release files are also loaded on the system, but are not activated. You are responsible for merging new settings from Release configuration files into the working (old) configuration files. To support new features, SBR Carrier uses default values for any new settings that have not been merged into the working configuration files.


During migration the logs are written to the configure.log file.

Supported Releases

Supported Releases

Configuration files from these releases of SBR server installations may be carried forward into Release 8.5.0:

  • SBR Release 6.0 and Release 6.1

  • SBR Carrier Release 7.x.x

  • SBR Carrier Release 8.0.0, 8.1.0, 8.2.0, 8.3.0, 8.4.0, and 8.4.1

Files That May Be Migrated

Files That May Be Migrated

Depending upon the source release, there may be some limitations or recommendations on copying and merging certain other binaries, configuration files, and data. These restrictions are listed in the release-specific sections that follow. In most cases, though, files of these types are rolled forward by the configure script:

These subdirectories are also rolled forward:

  • SBR JavaScripts in the scripts subdirectory