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Logging Behavior of the SNMP Agent


The logging behavior of the SNMP agent process, jnprsnmpd, is controlled by command line options that are specified in the /etc/init.d/init.jnprsnmpd script.

  • The “-Lf <file>” option specifies the absolute path name of the log <file> to be written.

  • The "-A" option, if present, causes the log file to be appended rather than rewritten each time the SNMP agent is restarted (not recommended unless a periodic clean-up mechanism is in place).

  • The "-D ALL" option, if present, enables all possible debug messages to be logged (extremely verbose and not recommended for normal operation).

By default, the SNMP agent process, jnprsnmpd, is configured to log to the /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/snmp/jnprsnmpd.log file, rewriting the file each time it is restarted.

  • After starting the SNMP agent (/etc/init.d/init.jnprsnmpd start), the following line is logged:

    NET-SNMP version 5.4

  • Upon receiving a SIGHUP (1) signal (/etc/init.d/init.jnprsnmpd hup), the following line is logged:

    Reconfiguring daemon

  • Shortly before a successful stop (/etc/init.d/init.jnprsnmpd stop), the following line is logged:

    Received TERM or STOP signal... shutting down...


It is possible for operators to stop the jnprsnmpd process abruptly by directly sending other signals, for example, kill -9, in which case no messages will be logged.