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Displaying Proxied Request Statistics


Proxied request statistics provide information such as the number of proxy authentication or accounting requests and the reasons for any transaction failures that occur.

To display proxied request statistics using the Web GUI:

  1. Select RADIUS Configuration > Statistics > System.

    The System Statistics page (Figure 258) appears.

  2. Select the server entry for which you want to view the proxied request statistics from the Server list and select Proxied Requests from the View list.

    The System Statistics page (Figure 260) displays proxied request statistics for the selected server.

    Figure 260: System Statistics Page—Proxied Requests
Statistics Page—Proxied Requests

    Table 118 describes the proxied request statistics.

  3. Optionally, select the Auto Refresh (seconds) check box and select a time period for refreshing the display from the drop-down list. Default value is 2 seconds.

    By default, the auto-refresh feature is enabled.

    You can click the Refresh button to refresh the display.

  4. Optionally, click Clear All Statistics to clear all proxied request statistics.

Table 118: Proxy Statistics

Proxy Statistic


Proxied Requests



The number of authentication transactions between the proxy and target RADIUS servers.


The number of accounting transactions between the proxy and target RADIUS servers.

Total Transactions

The sum of the authentication and accounting transaction totals.

Failure Details


Timed Out

The number of RADIUS transactions that timed out, even after all retry attempts were made.

Invalid Response

The number of invalid RADIUS responses received.

A target is sending incorrectly formed packets to Steel-Belted Radius Carrier; there is a configuration error, the target RADIUS server does not conform to the RADIUS standard, or Steel-Belted Radius Carrier did not receive a proxy state echo in the received packet.

Invalid Shared Secret

The number of packets for which an incorrect digital signature was received.

The shared secret does not match between Steel-Belted Radius Carrier and the target; or some unauthorized rogue device is attempting to compromise RADIUS security.

Insufficient Resources

The number of rejects or dropped packets due to a server resource problem.

Retries Sent


Transactions Retried

The number of requests for which one or more retried transmissions was performed.

Total Retry Packets

The number of duplicate packets received.