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Internal Variable Table (LDAP Only)


Like the LDAP authentication plug-in, the LDAP data accessor has an internal variable table used for temporary data storage during the processing of LDAP search requests. The data accessor variable table works in almost the same way as the authentication plug-in variable table, except that it maps to entries in the input and output variable containers instead of attributes in the RADIUS request and response packets. The data flow in and out of the internal variable table is:

  1. At the beginning of each Execute() call to an LDAP data accessor, Steel-Belted Radius Carrier uses settings in the [Request] section of the .gen file to select which entries in the input variable container are copied into the internal variable table.

  2. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier performs one or more LDAP searches. After each search is performed, selected attributes are copied by name from the LDAP result and placed in the internal variable table. Settings in the [Attributes/name] sections of the .gen file determine which LDAP result attributes are copied.

  3. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier uses the [Response] section to select information from the variable table to be copied to the LDAP data accessor output variable container.

For more information about the variable table, see Working with the Variable Table, and for more information about the LDAP request life cycle, see LDAP Request Life Cycle.