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Radius Client Groups


If your RADIUS clients use the same RADIUS attributes and have contiguous IP addresses, you can configure one or more RADIUS client groups and specify an address range consisting of as many as 500 IP addresses for each client group. A RADIUS client group is a collection of network devices or software applications that contacts Steel-Belted Radius Carrier to authenticate a user or to record accounting information about a network connection. When Steel-Belted Radius Carrier receives a RADIUS request that includes a source IP address in this range, it uses the RADIUS client group to determine the appropriate shared secret, make/model, and IP address pool.

Please note the following when you set up address ranges for RADIUS client groups:

  • Address ranges are for IPv4 networks only. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier does not support address ranges for IPv6.

  • The address range assigned to one RADIUS client group cannot overlap the address ranges assigned to other RADIUS client groups.

  • The starting address of the address range assigned to a RADIUS client group cannot match the IP address of an individual RADIUS client.

  • If an individual RADIUS client entry has an IP address that falls within an address range assigned to a RADIUS client group, Steel-Belted Radius Carrier uses the make/model for the individual RADIUS client. For example, if RADIUS client NAS1 is configured with IP address and if RADIUS client group BLDG1NAS is configured with an IP address range–, Steel-Belted Radius Carrier uses the client information for NAS1 if it receives a RADIUS request from, and it uses the client information for BLDG1NAS if it receives a RADIUS request from

  • A RADIUS client group cannot use a Class D, E, or F IP address (that is, an address greater than

See Adding a RADIUS Client or Client Group for information about how to configure IPv4 address ranges for RADIUS clients.