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Choosing the Return Code


When a realm selection script is finished executing, it returns a result code to the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier core. The return code is a string containing the name of the realm selected to process the current request. If the script is unable to select a realm, it might return a success or failure code instead of a realm string.

Valid return codes are:

  • <RealmName>—Steel-Belted Radius Carrier should send the current request to the proxy or directed realm given by RealmName.

  • SCRIPT_RET_SUCCESS—The realm selection script executed successfully, but did not select a realm. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier should try the remaining realm selection methods in the [Processing] section of the proxy.ini file or process the request in the default realm.

  • SCRIPT_RET_FAILURE—The realm selection script failed to execute successfully. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier should terminate request processing and reject the user.


    Do not return the name of an undefined realm from a realm selection script; a runtime error occurs.