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Realm Selection Script Functions


Realm selection scripts can execute any standard JavaScript statements and functions. Additionally, attribute filter scripts use the RealmSelector API to perform operations specific to realm selection. You must instantiate a new RealmSelector object instance and then use it to invoke these methods. For example:

These six RealmSelector methods are provided:

  • new RealmSelector()—Creates a new RealmSelector() object instance.

  • Execute()—Executes a built-in realm selection method and returns the resulting realm name.

  • SetAuthUserName()—Sets the authentication username for the request.

  • SetAuthProfile()—Sets the name of a profile to be merged with the result after the user is accepted.

  • CSTAccessor—Reads field information from the Current Sessions database.

  • SessionControl—Allows JavaScript to initiate session management and control capabilities.

Realm selection scripts can also execute the AttributeFilter.Get() method and any of the methods of the DataAccessor class.

For more details about the RealmSelector functions and methods, see RealmSelector Object.

The CSTAccessor object supports the Get() method and SessionControl object supports AddAttribute() and Execute() methods.