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Supported Features of the WiMAX Mobility Module


The WiMAX mobility module is an optional, license-enabled software module available for Steel-Belted Radius Carrier. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier fulfills all of the AAA requirements of WiMAX, with its support for multiple EAP methods, robust Mobile IP session management capabilities, and cryptographic key management. Steel-Belted Radius Carrier supports IEEE standards 802.16e-2005 for mobile WiMAX, and the 802.16-2004 for fixed WiMAX, as well as most features of revisions 1.0–1.3 of the WiMAX Forum Networking Group (NWG) specification.

The WiMAX mobility module of Steel-Belted Radius Carrier supports the following features:

  • Cryptographic key generation, management, and distribution

  • EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, or EAP-AKA authentication methods

  • WiMAX capabilities processing and negotiation

  • Access-Request categorization by client type or realm or, both

  • Home agent and DHCP server assignment, including HCSN and VCSN assignment

  • Post-paid (offline) accounting, including per-flow accounting messages and continued sessions (Account-Stop/Account-Start pairs)

  • Prepaid accounting solutions

  • Reauthentication (authenticate-only service type) without handover

  • Mobility and endeavor, including reauthentication and accounting with handover