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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in Steel-Belted Radius Carrier 8.5.0. For the most complete and latest information about resolved issues, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.

  • Sessions are not handled correctly when the length of the Acct-Session-Id attribute is greater than the default 24 octets. PR719218

  • In high load scenario with smart static proxy, accounting packets are dropped as proxy threads are exhausted. PR1319929

  • Web GUI is not launched after SSL errors are reported. PR1334856

  • SBR Carrier does not send proxy accounting messages when the log partition is full. PR798163

  • The MainThreadStackSize setting in radius.ini does not override default system stack size. PR959984

  • Response for the SendRoutingInfoForLCS message from the HLR or HSS may not be received by authGateway if the HLR or HSS sends the message with the routing indicator in CalledPartyAddress set to “Route based on SSN”. PR987162

  • Diameter packets are not routed to HSS based on IMSI prefix (IMSI implicit routing). PR1054108

  • An extra quote is added as part of the reject reason in authentication reports. PR1219714

  • RADIUS process memory leak is observed during native user authentication. PR1243586

  • Malformed packet parsing by RADIUS process causes CPU spike. PR1277176

  • Geo-redundancy server populates some CST fields with NULL values. PR1308295

  • SBR Carrier crashes while attempting to log certain EAP messages at Tracelevel=2. PR1327378

  • The MaxConcurrent parameter in the ldapauth.aut file does not work as expected. PR1329040

  • Reply-Message in Access-Reject response might contain unexpected characters when Reject Messages fields are empty in the Web GUI. PR1332838

  • Authentication or accounting requests may fail with the "CProxyEx::CheckProxyByScript(): script execution failed" log message when JavaScript is enabled. PR1335455

  • LDAP authentication requests utilizing JavaScript may stop being processed when the LDAP server times out. PR1336441

  • SBR Carrier configure script asks to configure GWrelay before SS7. PR1336444

  • SBR Carrier cores while using a lower version of LDAP with the MaxConcurrent parameter enabled. PR1355210

  • LCI does not support inclusion of an equals sign (=) in usernames. PR1358592

  • SBR Carrier cores when Geo-redundancy host is restarted or sent load. PR1364214

  • Custom ports for RADIUS clients or proxy cannot be set (Solaris only). PR1364469

  • SBR Carrier does not support session lookup by IPv6 addresses. PR607113

  • SBR core dumps if process size is larger than 8 GB due to shutdown timeout. PR1254580

  • Default values in are not aligned with source code defaults. PR1325376

  • SBR Carrier stops processing new requests under load when JavaScript is enabled. PR1336492

  • Entering more than 124 characters for a native user password results in an erroneous rejection. PR771505

  • The Inbound-from-Proxy control point is called after, not before, the inbound filters are applied. PR889762

  • In Web GUI, the Location Group pane displays only the first 50 RADIUS clients and includes non-location group clients. PR1237011