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Installing Signalware 9 on Linux


Steel-Belted Radius Carrier supports Signalware installation on a Linux platform.

This chapter contains the basic procedure recommended by Juniper Networks for a new Signalware 9 with Service Pack 6 installation on a Linux platform. The installation example provided here is for your convenience and assumes that this is a clean first-time installation of Signalware.

Steel-Belted Radius Carrier supports a 64-bit kernel. Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 operating system must comply with a 64-bit kernel with x86-based architecture. To verify the Linux kernel, run the following command:

You must refer to the following Signalware documentation for instructions to install and configure Signalware on a Linux platform:

  • Signalware Read Me First

  • Signalware Release Notes

  • Signalware SP Release 9 Service Pack 6 Linux Installation Manual

The Signalware documentation can be accessed from

To troubleshoot errors that might occur during the installation and configuration process, see Troubleshooting Signalware Installation and Configuration.


A 32-bit kernel is not supported.

The following topics are discussed in this chapter: