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Configuring Nodes


To configure local nodes:

  1. From the Initial Install screen, enter 4 to select Configure Nodes.

    The Enter SHM screen is displayed.

  2. Enter the shared memory value based on the user ID of the siguser user that you created earlier (see Beginning the Installation).

    To determine the user ID, open a new window and cat the /etc/passwd file as in this illustration:

    Enter the returned uid of 14588 in the Enter SHM screen.

    The Signalware User screen is displayed.

  3. Enter the username for running Signalware: siguser.

    The Configure Nodes screen is displayed with the previously entered values in place.

  4. Enter 0 to accept the values.

    The How Many Nodes screen is displayed.

  5. We recommend that you accept the default value of 1.

    The Enter Node Name screen is displayed.

  6. Enter the name of the node.

    The Select Protocol screen is displayed.


    The protocol you select here must match the corresponding protocol selected in the earlier steps. For example, if you have selected option “2 = ITU Protocol”, then you must select the protocol “C7”.

    The following information helps you to map the protocol selection:

    • A7 protocol corresponds to the ANSI protocol.

    • C7 protocol corresponds to the ITU protocol

    • CH7 protocol corresponds to the CHINA protocol

    • J7 protocol corresponds to the JAPAN protocol

    The AC7 protocol (if it appears) corresponds to the hybrid ANSI/ITU. We recommend that you avoid selecting the AC7 protocol because it is not a proper superset of the A7 and C7 protocols. Selecting the AC7 protocol may cause routing problems and complicate the MML configurations in later steps.

  7. Enter the protocol for the node.

    The Select Protocol Type screen is displayed.

  8. Enter the protocol type for the node. Select 1 for SS7 or 3 for SIGTRAN.

    The Select Options screen is displayed.

  9. For most installations, enter 0 to continue.

    Status messages are displayed as the node is configured.

    Then a Configure Nodes completed successfully message is displayed and the Initial Install screen is displayed.

  10. Enter 6 to exit from the installation process without starting Signalware. (Do not start Signalware at this point.)

    The Install/Configure menu is displayed.

  11. Return to the Main Menu and press 7 to exit.

    A You are about to exit... confirmation message is displayed.

  12. Enter N to exit from the installation process. (You want to exit at this point. You start Signalware later.)

    A status message is displayed as the program shuts down, then the system prompt returns.