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Beginning the Installation


To install Signalware 9 with Service Pack 6.0:

  1. Download “Signalware 9SP6.0”, “Signalware 9SP6.V”, and “Signalware 9SP6.3” Signalware packages to a temporary working directory or copy from a Signalware CD.Note

    You need to first install the Signalware 9SP6.0 package and then upgrade to the Signalware 9SP6.V or Signalware 9SP6.3 package.

  2. Log in as root. We recommend that you not use a console port.
  3. Stop the RADIUS process.
  4. Copy the Signalware 9 license file to the /etc directory.
    • If you are migrating from an existing installation, you can copy that license file to this one.

    • To obtain a new license file for Signalware 9, contact your Juniper Networks representative.

  5. Create a UNIX group called users and verify that the group exists.
    • To add a group, execute the UNIX groupadd command.

      $ groupadd users

    • To view a list of existing groups, execute the UNIX cat command:

      $ cat /etc/group

  6. Create a UNIX user account called siguser as a member of the users group.
  7. Copy the Signalware package from its location in your download directory or Signalware CD to a temporary working directory. For example, /export/local/siguser is used in the example in Step 9.
  8. Start the Signalware installation.



    The script prompts you for a user identifier.

  9. Enter the unique user that you created in Step 6.

    The script prompts you for a scheduling priority.

  10. Press Enter to accept the default value of 10.

    The system checks for previous installations, a valid package file, and updates. Then it prompts for an ECN Update.

  11. Enter N.

    The Main Menu is displayed.