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Element: attributes

This element contains the actual attribute packing list for the RADIUS request. Each required attribute listed here must be populated from either the client request or the contents of the CST for each session. You can also define default and override attributes. For more information, see Element: defaultAttribute and Element: overrideAttribute.

Note: Subattributes are not supported in CoA/DM actions.

XML Instance Representation

    Start Choice [0..*] 
        <defaultAttribute> ... </defaultAttribute> [1] 
        <overrideAttribute> ... </overrideAttribute> [1] 
        <requiredAttribute> ... </requiredAttribute> [1]
    End Choice

Schema Component Representation

<xs:element name="attributes"> 
        <xs:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"> 
            <xs:element ref=" defaultAttribute "/> 
            <xs:element ref=" overrideAttribute "/> 
            <xs:element ref=" requiredAttribute "/>

Modified: 2018-01-11