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Element: radiusRequest

This action type is used to define CoA, DM, and PoD requests. When such an action is executed, the attributes specified in the request, such as User-Name="bo*", are used to query the CST. Any matching sessions, up to the currently active safety limit, are processed by the CoA/DM engine. Using the attributes present in the client request, plus any attributes found in the session record for each session, the CoA/DM engine attempts to satisfy the attribute packing list for this request. If it can do so, then the RADIUS request is formatted and sent to the device.

The radiusRequest is defined in terms of an attributes section (required), and three optional sections which define the behavior of SBR Carrier in the event the request fails, times out, or succeeds. The attributes section is the actual packing list for the request.

XML Instance Representation

code=" xs:NCName [1]"
description="anySimpleType [0..1]"
dictionary=" xs:NCName [0..1]"
portName=" xs:NCName [1]"> 
    <attributes> ... </attributes> [1] 
    <onSuccess> ... </onSuccess> [0..1] 
    <onFailure> ... </onFailure> [0..1] 
    <onTimeout> ... </onTimeout> [0..1] 

Schema Component Representation

<xs:element name="radiusRequest"> 
            <xs:element ref=" attributes "/> 
            <xs:element ref=" onSuccess " minOccurs="0"/> 
            <xs:element ref=" onFailure " minOccurs="0"/> 
            <xs:element ref=" onTimeout " minOccurs="0"/>
        <xs:attribute name="code" type=" xs:NCName " use="required"/> 
        <xs:attribute name="description"/> 
        <xs:attribute name="dictionary" type=" xs:NCName "/> 
        <xs:attribute name="portName" type=" xs:NCName " use="required"/>

Modified: 2018-01-11