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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in Steel-Belted Radius Carrier 8.4.1. For the most complete and latest information about resolved issues, use the Juniper Networks online Problem Report Search application.

  • Authentication logs are not searchable through the Web GUI, and non-default filenames are not handled correctly. PR1297832
  • Use of an empty CoA/DM XML request causes SBR Carrier to core. PR1310206
  • Performance improvements have been made to the standalone version by enabling the use of more threads. PR1276673
  • The GWrelay process does not wait for the authGateway process to start and goes down immediately after startup. PR1282484
  • 64-bit version of SBR Carrier hangs and stops processing requests when any incoming request attributes are mapped under [Request] section in the *.dhc file. PR1307962
  • RADIUS User-Name attributes larger than 234 characters are not supported for authentication methods. PR1300337
  • RADIUS process may crash under load when an Accounting-Interim is received with either Framed-IP-Address or Framed-IPv6-Address attribute in the request and the UpdateOnInterim parameter is enabled in radius.ini. PR1314811
  • Scroll bar is not available while importing XML configurations. PR1213382
  • Web GUI allows creation of RADIUS clients and proxy targets with no shared secret. PR1248396
  • Web GUI allows users to configure Echo feature for Multi-Valued-Pair attributes though the Multi-Valued-Pair attribute has no support for Echo feature. PR1306874
  • The RADIUS process is not starting when the radius.ini file copied from the backup to the RADIUS is for a different flavor (i.e., cluster to standalone) than the newly installed version. PR1232398
  • SBR Carrier incorrectly allows pseudonym secret with length more than 32 characters in the simauth.aut file. PR794123
  • SBR Carrier fails to bind to LCI interfaces in the [LDAPAddresses] section of radius.ini which are duplicated. PR1052583
  • When the Geo-redundancy feature is enabled, SBR Carrier on the receiving server fails to restart under load. PR1070836
  • LDAP authentication plug-in logs an accept when the password does not match during EAP-TTLS or EAP-MS-CHAP-V2 authentication using the directed realm. PR1143396
  • If you have already added the <ANY> RADIUS client or a RADIUS Client with an IPv6 address, you cannot configure another RADIUS Client with an IPv6 address. PR1072032
  • Some CST fields might be populated with incorrect values on the Geo-redundancy server when the corresponding RADIUS attributes are not present in the accounting request. PR1070837
  • Bundled AVPs in the accept response from a proxy target are not parsed in the proxy response. PR1289314
  • While starting the RADIUS process, SBR Carrier logs an irrelevant error: “route provider 'AcctMethodListMgr' does not provide routes”. PR1280802
  • *.gen files contain configuration parameters related to the deprecated DMU feature of Mobile IP Module. PR1088438
  • Incorrect UniqueSessionId is logged in the latency log file when using IP pools with GenerteUniqueId as ipaddr or ipaddr-plus-nas in sessionTable.ini. PR931628
  • In the WiMAX device scenario, the session table is updated abnormally if the OuterNAIPlusMAC parameter is set to ON. Accounting-Start fails to match the phantom session if the GenerateUniqueId parameter in the sessionTable.ini file is set to outernai-plus-mac. PR849401
  • The CST restoration blocking mode (CSTRestorationBlock = 0 in the dbclusterlocal.gen file) has been removed. PR1232558
  • The Web GUI does not allow configuring IP pools with empty address ranges. PR1309088
  • SBR Carrier may core while creating native users with non-English language characters. PR1266503
  • Reject messages are erroneously logged for successful requests when the Filter parameter is set to MostRelevant in the [AuthRejectLog] section of radius.ini. PR1022042
  • The presence of a leading "00" in a NasIpv6Address, Ipv6InterfaceId, IPv6Address, or Framed-Ipv6-Prefix attribute prevents the Geo-redundancy server from replicating a session. PR1277339
  • The value of Termination-Action for TLS and TTLS authentication methods and the TLS helper cannot be set correctly through the GUI. PR583905
  • SBR Carrier cores when Acct-Session-Id is fetched with a JavaScript which is not present in the authentication request. PR928215
  • SQL logging messages for successful SQL queries are not written to the log file. PR852049
  • Usage description in the proxyrl.ini file requires clarification. PR1275639
  • Enabling RealTimeScheduler by default for Data nodes may cause internal cluster database errors. PR1255989
  • Connectivity errors can result in termination of the authGateway process. PR1305900
  • Oversized return list attributes imported from XML files cause SBR Carrier to crash. PR896673

Modified: 2018-01-18