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Migrating from Earlier SBR Carrier Standalone Server Products

You can use the configuration script to move a number of files from selected previous SBR Carrier releases to the Release 8.4.1 environment when installing Steel-Belted Radius Carrier. The corresponding Release 8.4.1 files are also loaded on the system, but are not activated. You are responsible for merging new settings from Release 8.4.1 configuration files into the working (preexisting) configuration files. To support new features, SBR Carrier uses default values for any new settings that have not been merged into the working configuration files.

For complete details about migrating from the preceding releases, see the SBR Carrier Installation Guide.

Note: Skipping versions when upgrading the cluster using the rolling restart method is not supported. Since SBR Carrier 8.0.0 uses MySQL 5.5.37, and 8.4.0 and 8.4.1 use 5.7.18 for Linux (see Unresolved xref), we strongly recommend that you not use the rolling restart method to upgrade the cluster version of SBR Carrier directly from release 8.0.0 to 8.4.x on a Linux machine. Instead, use the backup, destroy, and re-create method to upgrade or perform a clean install.

MySQL Version





Linux: 5.7.18

Solaris: 5.6.36

Linux: 5.7.18

Solaris: 5.6.36

Modified: 2018-01-18