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Starting the RADIUS Process

Start the RADIUS process on each S and SM node.

To start the RADIUS process on each SM node:

  1. Log in to the SM node as root.

    root@uranus-js: ./sbrd start radius

    Starting radius server processes
    RADIUS: Process ID of daemon is 8993
    RADIUS: Starting DCF system
    RADIUS: Configuration checksum: 59 3C 6B AA
    radius started
  2. Repeat Step 1 on the second SM node.
  3. Check the status of the cluster from each SM node.

    root@uranus-js: ./sbrd status

    The cluster status should look similar to the following example. Notice that all nodes are now connected to the cluster.

    SBR 8.40.50006 cluster junCluster{0s,2sm,0m,2d}
    on SunOS 5.10 Generic_141444-09 node
    Connected to Management Server at:
    [ndbd(NDB)]     2 node(s)
    id=1    @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15, Nodegroup: 0, Master)
    id=2    @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15, Nodegroup: 0)
    [ndb_mgmd(MGM)] 2 node(s)
    id=51   @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15)
    id=52   @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15)
    [mysqld(API)]   4 node(s)
    id=61   @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15)
    id=62   @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15)
    id=100  @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15)
    id=101  @  (mysql-5.6.36 ndb-7.4.15)                          Idle                          Idle                          Idle                          Idle
          *.1812               *.*                0      0 49152      0 LISTEN
          *.1813               *.*                0      0 49152      0 LISTEN
        hadm  8216 /bin/sh /opt/JNPRmysql/install/bin/mysqld_safe
        hadm  8195 ndb_mgmd --config-cache=0
        hadm  8281 /opt/JNPRmysql/install/bin/mysqld --basedir=/opt/JNPRmysql/install --datadir=/o
        root  8993 radius sbr.xml

Modified: 2017-10-26