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Sample authGateway Command and File


CRTE-PROCESS:NAME="GMT",CE="as1",EXEC="authGateway -name GMT -port 2000 -host as1 -node MGW -prot C7 -conf conf/authGateway.conf.100 -lri 1 -lssn 7 -appctx 3 -ldigits 358402114300"; START-PROCESS:NAME="GMT", CE="as1";

authGateway.conf (Gateway Routing Configuration File)

Each line of this configuration file describes:

  • The parameters used to form the destination SCTP address.
  • The decimal value of the bearer service (bs) and/or teleservices (ts) indicating an authorization.
  • A string associated with each bs or ts value. If no bs and no ts are specified, no authorization is performed by the authGateway.

For each request, the first digits of the IMSI are compared with odigits. The first line of the configuration file that matches is selected for the current request. If the routing indicator (rri) specifies that the routing is done on GT, the leading digits are replaced with the new digits (ndigits) to perform the numbering plan translation. If a parameter is not present on the line, it is not present in the destination SCTP address. If this is incompatible with the routing indicator, an error message is issued when the MAP authentication Gateway is started.

After modifying this configuration file, the authGateway has to be restarted. Modification of the ndigits value may require the creation of a new GT rule (CREATE-GT command).

Table 48: Parameters Used in Create and Start Commands




Routing indicator - 0 for GT (Global Title), 1 for PC/SSN (Point Code/Subsystem Number).


Local Global Title Indicator value. 4 for C7; 2 for A7. (Usually 4.)


Subsystem Number of HLR.


(GT only) Translation Type (usually 0).


(GT only) Numbering Plan. 1=E.164=ISDN-TEL, 7=E.214=ISDN-MOB.


Nature of address indicator. (4=INT)


bs dec:string

If the specified bearer service exists in HLR SIM-profile, then string is returned for further processing (see ProfileMap in simauth.aut).


ts dec:string

If the specified teleservice exists in HLR SIM-profile, then string is returned for further processing (see ProfileMap in simauth.aut).

Modified: 2017-10-26