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Abbreviated Table of Contents

About This Guide
Overview of Steel-Belted Radius Carrier and Session State Register Installation
Standalone Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Installation Overview
Session State Register Cluster Installation Overview
Preparing for a Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Installation
Planning Your Session State Register Cluster
Before You Install Software
Migrating from Previous SBR Releases
Installing and Configuring a SBR Carrier Standalone Server
Installation and Basic Configuration of a SBR Carrier Standalone Server
Installing Session State Register Nodes
Installing Session State Register Nodes
Basic SBR Carrier Node Configuration
Customizing the SSR Database Current Sessions Table
Other Session State Register Configuration Files
When and How to Restart Session State Register Nodes, Hosts, and Clusters
Expanding a Session State Register Cluster
Expanding an SSR Cluster
SIGTRAN Support for Steel-Belted Radius Carrier
Migrating Signalware
Installing Signalware 9 on Oracle Solaris 10
Installing Signalware 9 on Linux
Configuring SIGTRAN/IP Network Communication Files
Uninstalling Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Software
Removing Steel-Belted Radius Carrier Software
Upgrading Your SSR Cluster
Overview of Upgrading Your SSR Cluster
Using a Transition Server to Mitigate Downtime While Upgrading Your Cluster
Upgrading Your Cluster Using the Rolling Restart Method
Upgrading Your Cluster Using the Backup, Destroy, and Re-Create Method
Testing the Installation with

Modified: 2017-10-26