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Running the SNMP Agent

You can start and stop the SNMP daemon manually, and force it to reread the radiusdir/snmp/install/jnprsnmpd.conf configuration file.

Starting the SNMP Agent

To start the SNMP agent, on the command line, execute:

/etc/init.d/init.jnprsnmpd start

Stopping the SNMP Agent

To stop the SNMP agent, on the command line, execute:

/etc/init.d/init.jnprsnmpd stop

Rereading the jnprsnmpd.conf File

To force the jnprsnmpd agent to reread its configuration file, first identify the process id of the jnprsnmpd agent and execute:

kill -HUP pIdServer

Where pIdServer is the process ID of the jnprsnmpd agent process.

Modified: 2017-09-27