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Service-Level IP Address Pools

Steel-Belted Radius Carrier enables you to define a set of suffixes that define categories of IP address pools. For example, a pool category might correspond to the kinds of services available to users in that category. You might decide to define categories called Bronze, Silver, and Gold to identify different packet routing priorities.

To create a set of service-level address pools using the Web GUI:

  1. Define suffixes for the various service-level address pools in the [IPPoolSuffixes] section of radius.ini. For example:
  2. Define IP address pools using the suffixes configured in the [IPPoolSuffixes] section of radius.ini.
  3. In the RADIUS Clients List page (Figure 19), use the Address Pool check box and the Address Pool list to associate the address pool with the appropriate NAD.
  4. Assign the user to a NAD-specific IP address pool and suffix in the Native Users List page (Figure 29), the Unix Users List page (Figure 39), or the Profiles List page (Figure 44) by adding a Framed-IP-Address check list or return list attribute with corresponding IP address pool (Figure 68).

    Figure 68: Associating IP Address Pools with RADIUS Clients

IP Address Pools with RADIUS Clients

    If user EDISON CARTER, who has been assigned to <RAS>-GOLD, logs into RAS1, he receives an IP address from the RAS1-GOLD address pool. If he logs into RAS2, he receives an address from the RAS2-GOLD address pool. If, however, he logs into RAS3 but RAS3-GOLD has not been defined in the IP Pools dialog, he is not assigned an IP address.

    To assign a Framed-IPv6-Prefix attribute, follow the preceding instructions for Framed-IP-Address and then add Framed-IPv6-Prefix to the reply list. The Framed-IPv6-Prefix value will be derived from the assigned address and the Framed-IP-Address suppressed. For more information on the use of Framed-IPv6-Prefix, see the SBR Carrier Reference Guide.

Modified: 2017-09-27