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Element: radiusPort

This element defines a named RADIUS port where the device can receive CoA/DM or PoD requests. The names of these ports are then referenced in the action declarations so that different actions can be routed to different port numbers.

Note: You must name each RADIUS port either RFC3576 or CiscoPOD so that at most, these two ports exist for each device model. You cannot configure port numbers or shared secrets for any ports other than these.

XML Instance Representation

description="anySimpleType [0..1]"
name=" xs:NCName [1]"
port=" xs:integer [1]"/>

Schema Component Representation

<xs:element name="radiusPort"> 
        <xs:attribute name="description"/> 
        <xs:attribute name="name" type=" xs:NCName " use="required"/> 
        <xs:attribute name="port" type=" xs:integer " use="required"/>

Modified: 2017-09-27