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Data Accessor Configuration File Examples

This following examples show sample LDAP and SQL data accessor configuration files. The script examples shown in LDAP Script Examples, Realm Selection Script Examples, and Attribute Filter Script Examples also refer to these data accessor configurations.

Example: LDAP Data Accessor Configuration File

[Bootstrap]LibraryName=ldapaccessor.dllEnable=0 ;;Define data accessor name, search name, and connection settings;[Settings]MethodName=LdapAccessorTimeout=20ConnectTimeout=25QueryTimeout=10WaitReconnect=2MaxWaitReconnect=360UpperCaseName = 0SSL = 0Search = DoLdapSearch ;;Define the server address and bind credentials;[Server]s1= [Server/s1]Host=<LDAPServerNameOrIPAddress>Port = 389BindName=uid=admin, ou=sales, o=bigco.comBindPassword=secret ;;Map the input variables;[Request]Input-Var = value1 ;;Map the output variables;[Response]Output-Var = item2 ;;Specify attributes to be copied from search response;[Attributes/LdapAttrs]item2 ;; Define the search filter;[Search/DoLdapSearch]Base = o=bigco.comScope = 2Filter = item1=<value1>Attributes = LdapAttrsTimeout = 20%DN = dn ;;Define the input and output variable types; default is string;[VariableTypes]Input-Var = stringOutput-Var = string

Example: SQL Data Accessor Configuration File

[Bootstrap]LibraryName=sqlaccessor.soEnable=0 ;;Define data accessor name, SQL query, and connection settings;[Settings]MethodName=SQLAccessorSQL=SELECT item1, item2 FROM tablename WHERE item3 = @Input-Var1Connect=DSN=<dsn_name_here>;UID=<username_for_dB>;PWD=<password_for_dB>ParameterMarker=?MaxConcurrent=1ConcurrentTimeout=30ConnectTimeout=25QueryTimeout=25WaitReconnect=2MaxWaitReconnect=360 ;;Map output variables to SQL query result string columns;[Results]Output-Var1 = 1/32Output-Var2 = 2/64;Define the input and output variable types; default is string[VariableTypes]Output-Var1 = stringOutput-Var2 = stringInput-Var1 = integer

Modified: 2017-09-27