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Beginning the Installation

To install Signalware 9 with Service Pack 6.0:

  1. Download “Signalware 9SP6.0” and “Signalware 9SP6.V” Signalware packages to a temporary working directory or copy from a Signalware CD.

    Note: You need to first install the Signalware 9SP6.0 package and then upgrade to the Signalware 9SP6.V package.

  2. Log in as root. We recommend that you not use a console port.
  3. Copy the Signalware 9 license file to the /etc directory.
    • If you are migrating from an existing installation, you can copy that license file to this one.
    • To obtain a new license file for Signalware 9, contact your Juniper Networks representative.
  4. Create a UNIX group called users and verify that the group exists.
    • To add a group, execute the UNIX groupadd command.
      $ groupadd users
    • To view a list of existing groups, execute the UNIX cat command:
      $ cat /etc/group
  5. Create a UNIX user account called siguser as a member of the users group.
  6. Copy the Signalware package from its location in your download directory or Signalware CD to a temporary working directory. For example, /export/local/siguser is used in the example in Step 8.
  7. Start the Signalware installation.


    The script prompts you for a user identifier.

  8. Enter the unique user that you created in Step 5.

    The script prompts you for a scheduling priority.

  9. Press Enter to accept the default value of 10.

    The system checks for previous installations, a valid package file, and updates. Then it prompts for an ECN Update.

  10. Enter N.

    The Main Menu is displayed.

Modified: 2017-03-07