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    Installing a Hard Drive in the MAG6610 and MAG6611

    The hard drive is a hot-insertable and hot-removable field-replaceable unit (FRU) for the MAG6610 and MAG6611; you can remove and replace the hard drive while the Junos Pulse Gateway is running without turning off power to the Junos Pulse Gateway.

    Note: Service modules are paired with fan trays and hard drives. When moving a service module to a different slot, you must move the associated fan trays and hard drives to the new location as well.

    The SM160 uses only one hard drive. The hard drive and service module are mated together through the chassis midplane. When replacing the hard drive, insert the drive in either the upper or lower slot where the service module is located. A dummy drive cover should be placed over the unused slot to maintain proper air flow.

    To install a hard drive in a Junos Pulse Gateway:

    1. Press the lever release button on the front of the hard drive carrier and extend the lever to its fully open position.
    2. Slide the hard drive carrier assembly into the slot until it stops. Do not push the drive into the slot any farther.
    3. Close the lever until it locks and is flush with the front of the carrier.

      This action pushes the hard drive carrier assembly into the slot and engages the connector on the hard drive with the connector on the chassis backplane.

    Published: 2011-07-25