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    About Network Connect Resource Policies

    Do not delete or translate the topic alias marker in the preceding heading. Network Connect resource policies specify a variety of Network Connect session parameters you can use to determine the method of access for remote clients. You can configure the following types of resource policies on the SA Series Appliance and apply them to one or more user roles:

    • Access resource policies—This policy type specifies which resources users may access when using Network Connect, such as Web, file, and server machines on the corporate intranet.
    • Packet logging resource policies—This policy type allows you to compile client-side Network Connect packet logs on the SA Series Appliance to help diagnose and resolve connection issues. Connection profiles resource policies—This policy type specifies which option (DHCP or SA Series Appliance-managed IP address pool) the SA Series Appliance uses to assign an IP address to the client-side Network Connect agent. You can also use this feature to specify the transport protocol and encryption method for the Network Connect session.
    • Split Tunneling resource policies—This policy type enables you to specify one or more network IP address/netmask combinations for which the SA Series Appliance handles traffic passed between the remote client and the corporate intranet.

    A few notes about specifying resources for a Network Connect resource policy:

    • You cannot specify a host name for a Network Connect resource policy. You can only specify an IP address.
    • You can specify protocols (such as tcp, udp, icmp) for Network Connect. For all other access feature resource policies, specifying protocols is not supported.
    • If the protocol is missing, all protocols are assumed. If a protocol is specified, then the delimiter “://” is required. No special characters are allowed.
    • You cannot mix port lists and port ranges, such as 80, 443, 8080-8090 for Network Connect resource policies.
    • If you specify a port, you must specify a protocol.
    • If the port number is missing, the default port * is assigned for http.

    Published: 2011-03-14