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    WLA532 Access Point Hardware Overview

    The Juniper Networks Wireless LAN Access Point, WLA532 is an indoor mobility access point that provides enterprise customers, such as those in business, healthcare and education, with 802.11n‐based wireless LAN access in high‐density deployments. The device is a compact, hexagon-shaped access point (see Figure 1) with dual radios with multiple input multiple output (MIMO) supporting up to three spatial streams on each radio.

    Figure 1: WLA532 Access Point

     WLA532 Access Point

    Note: The WLA532 access point requires only hardware installation. All configurations for the access point are done on the wireless LAN controllers (WLCs).

    You configure the access point with the Juniper Networks WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers, through the Juniper Networks RingMaster graphical user interface or the Juniper Networks Mobility System Software (MSS) CLI.

    This topic covers:

    Features Supported by the WLA532 Access Point

    Features supported by the access point include:

    • Up to 450‐Mbps transmission—WLA532 3x3 spatial stream access point can support data rates of up to 450-Mbps in a 5-GHz band with 40-MHz channel bonding and a short-guard interval. On a 2.4-GHz band with 20-MHz channel width, the access point supports up to 195-Mbps by default with standard guard-interval and supports up to 216.7-Mbps with short guard-interval.
    • In-band spectrum monitoring and network spectrum mitigation—The access point supplies in-band RF-detect functionality to include spectrum analysis to detect and classify the non-IEEE 802.11 sources of interference.
    • Rate adaptation feature with 3 spatial stream (SS) rates, 2 spatial stream rates and 1 spatial stream rates—The access point supports 3 SS, 2 SS and 1 SS rates and provides and full support for rate adaptation with 3 SS clients.

    Physical Characteristics of the Access Point

    Physical characteristics of the access point include:

    • One 2.4‐GHz radio—One 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.11ng radio that supports 3x3 spatial streams and is backward compatible with 2 SS and 1 SS radios.
    • One 5‐GHz radio—One 5-GHz IEEE 802.11na radio that supports 3x3 spatial streams and is backward compatible with 2 SS and 1 SS radios.
    • One 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet port—One 10/100/1000BASE‐T auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet port with an RJ‐45 connector to connect the access point to a wireless LAN controller or switch.
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) on the Gigabit Ethernet port—Power consumption within IEEE standard 802.3af power on the Gigabit Ethernet port. This feature reduces power consumption.

    Software and Hardware Used with the Access Point

    Use the following software (from Juniper Networks) to configure and operate the access point:

    • RingMaster GUI—RingMaster to configure and monitor the access point
    • Mobility System Software (MSS) CLI—MSS to configure the access point.

    For more information, see the RingMaster and MSS guides at: RingMaster and MSS Guides.

    Use the following hardware from Juniper Networks to connect the access point and make it operational:

    • WLC2 Wireless LAN Controller
    • WLC200 Wireless LAN Controller
    • WLC216 Wireless LAN Controller
    • WLC8 Wireless LAN Controller
    • WLC800 Wireless LAN Controller
    • WLC880 Wireless LAN Controller
    • WLC2800 Wireless LAN Controller

    The WLA532 access point can be powered up and operational within 3 minutes and supports all features of RingMaster and Mobility System Software (MSS).

    Published: 2012-03-14