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2.4. Before You Install MWS1000

Before installing a VSE appliance, have the tools and accessories needed to complete the installation.
When equipped with a DC power supply, the Virtual Services Engine supports a DC Isolated return (DC-I) installation. In a DC-I installation, the DC power return conductor is isolated from the equipment chassis or frame when connected to the power supply.
Consider the following guidelines before installing the appliance:
  • For AC-power-equipped appliances you should provide an external Surge Protection Device.
  • The nominal working voltage range for a DC-power-equipped appliance is -48 VDC. This appliance can operate over an input voltage range from -38 VDC to -72 VDC.
  • For DC-power-equipped appliances, you must provide an external certified, dedicated circuit breaker rated at a minimum of 20 A for each DC power supply.
  • For DC-power-equipped appliances, you must supply four DC power cables that meet your local code requirements.
  • You must provide a good earth ground for the rack.
  • On DC-power-equipped models, you must supply a ground cable for the power supply. We recommend using a ground cable identified according to local standards to ground the appliance.
  • You must use only copper grounding conductors.
  • For a ground wire attaching directly to the rack, we recommend using the following ground lug: Panduit P/N LCDX8-10A-L, #8 AWG, #10 stud, 0.625-inch spacing.
  • To ensure a reliable low-resistance ground bond, you must provide and use star washers and thread-forming screws with paint-piercing washers to secure the ground wire to the rack frame, and to secure the appliance chassis to the rack.
  • If you connect the ground wire to a ground rail in the rack or to any other grounding facility provided by the site, you must use the appropriate fasteners to ensure a reliable ground bond. When the ground wire is attached with bolts or to studs, locking washers can help ensure the ground wire does not come loose.