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Powering On VXA1000 Series Media Flow Engines

In this procedure we assume that the appliance is already connected to a power source.

If the appliance is equipped with an AC power supply, see Connecting Power to AC-Powered VXA1000 Series Media Flow Engines.

If the appliance is equipped with a DC power supply, see Connecting Power to DC-Powered VXA1000 Series Media Flow Engines.

For specifications on the electrical requirements for the appliance, see Power Specifications for VXA1000 Series Media Flow Engines.

Caution: Evaluate the overall loading of the branch circuit before you install any equipment into a rack.

To power on the appliance and configure the Ethernet address:

  1. Connect the appliance to a local console or terminal server.
  2. Verify that the power source is operational.
  3. Inspect all grounding and power connections to the appliance chassis.
  4. Confirm that all cable connections are secure.
  5. Press and release the momentary rocker power switch on the rear panel of the chassis to power on the appliance.
  6. Monitor LEDs on the appliance to verify that the appliance is booting properly.

    During initial power-on, the components of the platform run boot code, go through a series of self-diagnostic tests, and synchronize with each other.

    The appliance boots to a login prompt, mfc-unconfigured-MAC-address login:, where MAC-address is the part of the MAC address for the Ethernet port 0 (eth0) hardware. This is the default hostname for the appliance.

    For example:

    mfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 login:
  7. Enter the username admin to access the Media Flow Controller CLI and display the Standard mode prompt.
    mfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 login: adminmfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 >
  8. Enter enable to access Enable mode.
    mfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 > enablemfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 #
  9. Enter configure terminal to access Config mode.
    mfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 # configure terminalmfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 (config) #
  10. Configure the IP address of eth0 by specifying the address and either the netmask or length with the interface command.
    mfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 (config) # interface eth0 ip address /24
  11. Save and apply the IP address configuration.
    mfc-unconfigured-3c33c8 # configuration write

    After you have configured the eth0 IP address, you can continue to use the Media Flow Controller CLI to complete the appliance configuration, or you can use the Web-based Management Console.

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Published: 2010-07-14

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