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Downloading Software Packages from Juniper Networks

You can download JUNOS software packages from the Juniper Networks Web site to upgrade software on your EX-series switch.

Before you begin to download software upgrades, ensure that you have a Juniper Networks Web account and a valid support contract. To obtain an account, complete the registration form at the Juniper Networks Web site: https://www.juniper.net/registration/Register.jsp.

To download software upgrades from Juniper Networks:

  1. Using a Web browser, follow the links to the download URL on the Juniper Networks Web page. For EX-series, there are not separate software packages for Canada the U.S. and other locations. Therefore, select Canada and U.S. Version regardless of your location:
  2. Log in to the Juniper Networks authentication system using the username (generally your e-mail address) and password supplied by Juniper Networks representatives.
  3. Using the J-Web interface or the CLI, select the appropriate software package for your application. See JUNOS Software Package Names.
  4. Download the software to a local host or to an internal software distribution site.
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