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Installing a JCS 1200 Routing Engine

Figure 1 shows how to remove and install a Routing Engine.

Figure 1: Removing and Installing a JCS 1200 Routing Engine

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Caution: Hazardous energy is present when the Routing Engine is connected to the power source. Always close the Routing Engine cover before installing the Routing Engine.

To install a Routing Engine (see Figure 1):

  1. Attach an electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding strap to your bare wrist and connect the strap to one of the ESD points on the chassis.
  2. Select the bay for the Routing Engine.

    • Depending on the Routing Engine type and the optional devices that are installed in it, one or more adjacent bays might be required.
    • When any Routing Engine or device is in any Routing Engine bay 7 through 12, power modules must be installed in all four power bays.
    • To help ensure proper cooling, performance, and system reliability, make sure that each Routing Engine bay on the front of the JCS 1200 platform contains a Routing Engine, expansion unit, or Routing Engine filler. Do not operate a JCS 1200 platform for more than 1 minute without a Routing Engine, expansion unit, or Routing Engine filler in each Routing Engine bay.

  3. Remove the filler from the bay, if one is installed (see Removing a JCS 1200 Routing Engine).
  4. Make sure that the two release handles are in the open position.
  5. Slide the Routing Engine into the bay until it stops.
  6. Push the two release handles to the closed position.
  7. Power on the Routing Engine.
  8. Make sure that the power-on LED on the Routing Engine control panel is lit continuously, indicating that the Routing Engine is receiving power and is turned on.
  9. If you are installing a new Routing Engine, write identifying information about one of the user labels that comes with the Routing Engine; then place the label on the JCS 1200 platform top bezel, just above the Routing Engine (see Locating the JCS 1200 Routing Engine Serial Number).

If you reinstall a Routing Engine that you removed, you must install it in the same Routing Engine bay from which you removed it. Some Routing Engine configuration information and update options are established according to bay number. Reinstalling a Routing Engine into a different Routing Engine bay from the one from which it was removed can have unintended consequences, and you might have to reconfigure the Routing Engine.

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