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Mounting an EX 3200 or EX 4200 Switch on a Wall

You can mount an EX 3200 or EX 4200 switch on a wall by using separately orderable wall mount brackets.

Before mounting an EX 3200 or EX 4200 switch on a wall:

Warning: When mounted in a vertical position, an EX 3200 or EX 4200 chassis must be oriented with the front panel of the chassis pointing down in order to ensure proper air flow and meet safety requirements in the event of a fire.

Note: For easier lifting, install any additional power supplies only after you mount the switch on the wall.

To mount the EX-series switch on a wall:

  1. Attach the wall-mount brackets to the sides of the chassis using four of the wall-mount bracket screws on each side, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Attaching Wall-Mount Brackets to the EX-series Switch Chassis

    Image g020200.gif

  2. If you are mounting two switches together, line the second switch on top of the first and attach it to the mounting brackets using two wall-mount bracket screws on each side (see Figure 2).
  3. Insert the mounting screws in the wall. Insert the top pair of mounting screws 474.35 mm apart, and insert the second pair of mounting screws 151.81 mm directly below the first set.

    If the mounting screws are inserted in wall board with no stud behind it, you must use dry wall anchors rated to support 75 lb (34 kg). Insert the screws into wall studs wherever possible to provide added support for the chassis.

    Screw only part way in, leaving about 1/4 inch (6 mm) distance between the head of the screw and the wall.

  4. Grasp each side of the switch or switches, lift the switch or switches, and hang the brackets from the mounting screws as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Mounting the EX-series Switch on the Wall

    Image g020201.gif

  5. Tighten the mounting screws.
  6. If it is an EX 4200-24F switch, we recommend you insert dust covers in unused SFP ports.
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