Technical Documentation

Using the CLI Terminal

The J-Web CLI terminal provides access to the JUNOS command line interface (CLI) through the J-Web interface. The functionality and behavior of the CLI available through the CLI terminal page is the same as that of the JUNOS CLI available through the switch console. The CLI terminal supports all CLI commands and other features such as CLI help and autocompletion. Using the CLI terminal page you can fully configure, monitor, and manage the switch.

  • Before you can use you must configure the CLI terminal the domain name and hostname of the switch. See Configuring System Identity for the EX-Series Switch (J-Web Procedure) for more information.
  • To access the CLI through the J-Web interface, your management device requires the following features:
    • SSH access—Enable Secure shell (SSH) on your system. SSH provides a secured method of logging in to the switch, to encrypt traffic so that it is not intercepted. If SSH is not enabled on the system, the CLI terminal page displays an error.
    • Java applet support—Make sure that your Web browser supports Java applets.
    • JRE installed on the client—Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4 or later on your system. JRE is a software package that must be installed on a system to run Java applications. Download the latest JRE version from the Java Software Web site Installing JRE installs Java plug-ins, which once installed, load automatically and transparently to render Java applets.

Note: The CLI terminal is supported on JRE version 1.4 and later only.

To access the CLI terminal, select Troubleshoot >CLI Terminal.