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JCS 1200 Platform Environmental Specifications

Table 1 specifies the environmental specifications required for normal platform operation. In addition, the site should be as dust-free as possible. Dust can clog air intake vents, reducing cooling system efficiency. Check the vents frequently, cleaning them as necessary.

Table 1: Platform Environmental Specifications




No performance degradation to 10,000 ft (3048 m)

Relative humidity

Normal operation ensured in relative humidity range of 5% to 85%, noncondensing


Normal operation ensured in temperature range of 41° F (5° C) to 104° F (40° C)

Nonoperating storage temperature in shipping crate: –40° F (–40° C) to 158° F (70° C)

Seismic activity

Tested to meet Telcordia Technologies Zone 4 earthquake requirements

Maximum thermal output

DC power: 10,742 BTU/hour (3150 W)

AC power: 11,935 BTU/hour (3500 W)

Note: These specifications are estimates and subject to change.

Note: Install the platform only in restricted areas, such as dedicated equipment rooms and equipment closets, in accordance with Articles 110-16, 110-17, and 110-18 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.

For additional safety guidelines and requirements, see Safety Requirements, Warnings, and Guidelines for Installing the JCS 1200 Platform.

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