Technical Documentation

EX 3200 Switch—Front-Panel LEDs

The front panel of an EX 3200 switch has three LEDs on the far right side of the panel, next to the LCD (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Front Panel LEDs in an EX 3200 Switch

Image g020093.gif

Table 1 describes the LEDs in an EX 3200 switch, their colors and state, and the status they indicate.

Table 1: Front Panel LEDs in an EX 3200 Switch

LED Label


State and Description

ALM (Alarm)


There is no alarm.


There is an alarm.

SYS (System)


  • On steadily—JUNOS software for EX-series switches has been loaded on the switch.
  • Blinking—The switch is booting.

MST (Master)


This LED is always on and is meaningful only on EX 4200 models.