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JCS 1200 DC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided for connecting a 60-A JCS 1200 platform to a –48 V DC power source:

  • The power source must have a minimum of 80 A overcurrent protection. See article 240, paragraph 3, table 310-16 of the National Electric Code for more information about electrical wiring requirements.
  • The overcurrent protective device or circuit breaker must be accessible to service personnel to prevent the power from being turned on by someone other than a technician servicing the JCS 1200 platform.
  • The JCS 1200 platform requires a DC wire rating of 4 AWG (circular mil area of 33100-52600) and of 90° C.

    Note: The actual wire gauge and ring terminal are determined by the current draw and the length of wire run or as specified by the customer premises guidelines.

  • Flexible DC wiring is recommended to allow for minimum bend radius.
  • The supply wiring to the power connectors must be terminated in UL-recognized insulated ring terminals, sized for an M6 stud, 4 AWG wire (circular mil area of 33100-52600), and a wire insulation diameter of 12.8 to 13.1 mm. An example of this type of ring terminal is Amp Plasti-Grip type 520431 using Tyco Electronics Hydraulic Crimping Tool part number 14907491.
  • For NEBS compliance, the grounding cable must use copper conductors with a size minimum of 6 AWG (circular mil area of 2080033100) and must be terminated in a UL-recognized two-hole lug sized for an M6 stud. An example of this type of two-hole lug is the Thomas and Betts part number 54205 using the Thomas and Betts crimping tool model TBM-25S.
  • Torque the wiring-terminal nuts to 13.3 lb-in. (1.5 Nm)
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