Technical Documentation

JCS 1200 Chassis Lifting Guidelines

The weight of a fully configured chassis is about 350 lb (158.8 kg). Observe the following guidelines for lifting and moving the platform:

  • Before moving the platform, read the guidelines in Overview of Preparing the Site for JCS 1200 Platform Installation to verify that the intended site meets the specified power, environmental, and clearance requirements.
  • Do not attempt to lift a fully configured platform by yourself. Using a mechanical lift to maneuver the platform into a rack is recommended. If a lift cannot be used, a minimum of four people must lift the platform, and you must remove components from the chassis before lifting.
  • Before lifting or moving the platform, disconnect all external cables.
  • As when lifting any heavy object, lift most of the weight with your legs rather than your back. Keep your knees bent and your back relatively straight and avoid twisting your body as you lift. Balance the load evenly and be sure that your footing is solid.